Scientific Officer Karleen Black Addresses Concerns Arising from Today’s Seismic Activity- Karleen Black, a scientific officer at the Earthquake Unit, is addressing the ongoing concerns in the aftermath of today’s seismic activities. She emphasizes the importance of being prepared for earthquakes, given their unpredictable nature, unlike hurricanes. Many are still in disbelief about the length and strength of this morning’s earthquake, which registered at a magnitude of 5.6.

This earthquake shook sections of the island, leaving many with mixed reactions, ranging from anxiety to physical trauma. However, Karleen Black, the scientific officer at the Earthquake Unit, states that such reactions are typical of an earthquake of this magnitude. She confirms that this is the most significant earthquake the country has experienced in the last thirty years, with the last one of this magnitude occurring in 1993 when Jamaica experienced a 5.4 magnitude earthquake.

Black also reassures the public about the possibility of aftershocks, explaining that the larger the earthquake, the more likely it is for aftershocks to be felt. As expected, the island recorded another tremor sometime after 2 PM, this time with a magnitude of 4.1. Furthermore, Black addresses concerns regarding the potential for a tsunami or an underwater volcano eruption. She explains that earthquakes are common events, regardless of the time elapsed between each occurrence, and in this case, the recent earthquakes have occurred on land, without implicating any underwater activities. Watch the report:

Reporter:  Celine Campbell