Don Anderson Poll Heightens Election Battle 

There is a marginal difference between the governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the Opposition, People’s National Party (PNP) following a recently commissioned Don Anderson Poll in which 28.1 percent of the votes favoured the PNP and 27-point 9 percent favoured the JLP.

Political commentator Kevin O’Brien Chang says human nature has magnified noting it is the first time in years the PNP is leading in the polls. Meantime, PNP general Secretary Dr Dayton Campbell hopes the younger population will choose based on the work of the political leaders in the upcoming election. Political commentator Kevin Obrien Chang says the recent Don Anderson polls have revealed a balance for who will reign as government 

In an interview with CVM LIVE he says in preparing for the local government elections that was last held in 2016 there is a need for more work to be done by both parties.

Reporter: Nicola Brown

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