Divers Save Garbage Truck Crew after Rio Cobre Crash

A garbage truck with five employees aboard plunged into the Rio Cobre near Flat Bridge, St. Catherine on Saturday evening. The truck, which belongs to the National Solid Waste Management Authority, adds to the organization’s worries of already limited resources. There’s another appeal for additional structures to be affixed to the bridge, for safer driver conditions. The NSWMA has lamented the limited trucks to effectively organize proper garbage collection in several communities across the island.

Thanks to the quick response of community divers in the area, all 5 workers were safely rescued, only receiving minor injuries. One of the men responsible for the rescue says it took teamwork to save their lives. Councillor for the Angels Division, in North Central St. Catherine, Patricia Harris, says she’s making a plea for the relevant authorities, to implement a safety structure that could reduce the accidents that happen on the bridge. 

The truck was fished from the river Sunday morning, where it was later towed to a garage.

Reporter: Nasika Alliman