Dissatisfied St James’ Lawyers Strike Until Friday

Several lawyers in the parish of St. James are on strike until Friday leaving the parish in silence. 

Lawyers say they are unsatisfied with the management of the courthouse during the pandemic.

They believe the Court is not following COVID-19 protocols that may ultimately result in them being at risk of contracting the virus.

The Parish Court is now quiet, an unusual phenomenon given the nature of  matters that usually come for judgment.

The Cornwall Bar Association refrained from commenting on the matter.

Attorney-at-Law Michael Hemmings, is a member of the association.

He says a member of the judiciary fell ill due to a lack of the required COVID-19 protocols in the courthouse.

The pause of court hearings will undoubtedly result in court back logs.

However, attorneys are adamant they need to protect themselves by all means.

Kadiesh Jarrett-Fletcher, Acting Director of Client Services, Communication and Information at the Court Administration Division says courts island wide have a detailed health protocol which outline how courts and court buildings should be cleaned. 

Fletcher says the concerns have been noted and a meeting is scheduled for March 4 to discuss the issues.

CVM Live‘s Paige Dixon reports: