The transition to a cashless society with digital payments is gaining momentum as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on. WiPay, a Caribbean-based online payment processing company, recently activated its WiCare digital grant initiative in Jamaica.

The company partnered with Member of Parliament for St. Elizabeth South Western, Floyd Green, to provide COVID-19 relief grants to health workers at the Black River Hospital. Over one hundred front line health care workers at the Black River Hospital benefited through WiCare’s digital grant initiative.

The grants valued at J$7,500 each were issued without the physical handing out of cash and by use of digital technology. Recipients of the grant each received a QR code, via text message, WhatsApp, or email. The recipient can now go to any of the participating redemption centres in Black River.

Beneficiaries are also able to shop and pay for services using the QR code, each QR code is a unique identifier that can only be scanned by a WiPay smart terminal that has been installed at the participating locations.

The smart terminal scans the code, verifies the recipient’s name and balance on the QR code, which are then registered as a digital payments towards a bill. Member of Parliament for St. Elizabeth south western Floyd Green hails the initiative, an act of kindness highly appreciated.

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