Speaker of the House Issues Statement Amidst Growing Controversy – Amid mounting pressure and scrutiny, Speaker of the House Marisa Dalrymple-Philibert has released a statement addressing the recent controversy surrounding her ownership of a car. While Dalrymple-Philibert claims that her ownership of the vehicle simply slipped her mind, the Integrity Commission’s report hints at a different narrative. The controversy deepened as it came to light that out of the three reports submitted by the Auditor General in July, only two were presented to Parliament and made available to its members and the public. Speaker Marisa Dalrymple-Philibert justified her decision to withhold one of the reports by asserting that Parliament’s handling of reports from public bodies was flawed. She explained that she intends to retain these reports for a period of two months, or until the relevant minister has received them. This action, she contends, aligns with Section 30, Subsection 2 of the Financial Administration and Audit (FAA) Act.

As the public awaits further developments in this unfolding situation, questions regarding accountability and transparency within Parliament continue to be raised. Watch the report:

Reporter: Natalia Clarke