Dennis Meadows “Bring Back the State Of Emergency”

As crime continues to plague Jamaica, a former government senator is calling for mutuality in the re-implementation of the State of Emergency in crime torn areas. With nearly 70 murders recorded in just fourteen days, Former Government Senator Dennis Meadows is lashing out against the ongoing squabble between the government and opposition regarding a state of emergency. 

Meadows says if nothing else, the recent killing of a nine year old non-verbal autistic boy, Gabriel King should’ve urged the leaders of the two parties to put political egos aside and collaborate to tackle crime. 

He condemns recent calls for Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang to be rid of his position. Instead, he’s directing the heat to the commissioner of police who he says should be held accountable for the crime rate. 

Meadows is urging the private sector to use its leverage to force the government and opposition into liaising on the matter of crime.