Delegates React To PNP Presidential Results With Resignations

The outcome of the People’s National Party, Presidential Election is not resting well with many delegates who supported the Rise United Camp. Many believe that the future of the party now hangs in the balance.

On Saturday, Peter Phillips emerged as the winner with 1427 votes compared to Peter Bunting’s 1351. Many walked away disappointed after the results were announced.
Members of the 81-year-old party have been venting their frustration on social media.

Civil Rights Advocate, Carol Narcisse says the party has recovered from similar elections. She says it is now time for the party to unite and meet to improve their stance for the next General Election. She says it is understandable that the party members have been negatively reacting to the outcome but at this point, the PNP needs to heal.

Meanwhile, the Leader of the Opposition Dr. Peter Phillips has announced that the shadow cabinet will be reorganized after the Party’s Annual Conference on September 22.

According to Phillips, a meeting will be held with Peter Bunting, following the resignation of Mark Golding and Dr. Dayton Campbell. Until then he has asked all Shadow Ministers to continue monitoring their portfolios.