Defense Continues Presenting Their Case

96 days on and the Klansman Gang Trial remains a highlight for many with the defense now presenting their case. Another defendant has denied knowing or interacting with Andre “Blackman” Bryan. Bryan is accused of being the leader of the one don faction of the notorious Klansman gang.

Co-accused, Ricardo Thomas took the stand on Wednesday to share his thoughts on the evidence presented. During cross examination by the prosecution Thursday, he denied knowing Bryan, as well as the witnesses who named him as a member of the gang. The 24 year old is the second defendant to give a sworn statement.

Two other defendants, Ted Prince and Dillon McLean gave unsworn statements in court, also professing their innocence. Chief Justice Bryan Sykes adjourned court early to allow select attorneys to prepare documents and witnesses they subpoenaed to be shared early next week.

Nearly all 28 defendants opted to give statement to the court condensing the allegations against them. Sitting in those docks are labourers, carpenters, welders, a stone mason, a graphic designer, retail workers, and business owners who are eagerly awaiting the final judgment in the trial once the cases close for all defendants there will be a three day break to allow the evidence to be reviewed.

The matter has been adjourned until Monday, June 27, 2022 at 10 AM.

Reporter: Jhanielle Powell