Day 3 Strike Reactions 

The nation has seen a third strike from public sector workers. Although the action has been condemned by the Prime Minister, there are talks that more are to come. Three strikes in three days were enough to have Prime Minister Andrew Holness strongly advising against the action, noting a strike is not in the best interest of the country, nor of those executing the strike. 

Holness calls it illogical for workers to take action by striking, as he says it will only affect the country’s recovery process. 

Spokesman on Social Security Senator Floyd Morris says while he agrees the strikes will indeed affect the country; he notes the government is at fault for what he calls a lack of transparency. In response to Prime Minister Holness’ statement that public sector workers should “work as one country with one vision instead of ripping our society apart unnecessarily”, Morris agrees however, Political Commentator Kevin O’Brien Chang says he suspects the series of strikes may be part of a wider plan.

O’Brien Chang says while people have the right to express themselves, they should be careful not to disrupt the country’s growth. He’s urging the government to facilitate better communication between itself and the workers to avoid any recurrence. 

Reporter: Velonique Bowen