Students have been given additional time to prepare for the CXC examinations. The Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) has postponed the exams by three weeks from May 2 to May 23. This announcement follows several calls from the Education Ministry, and a recent rejection from the council itself, stating the exams will be held at the usual time. 

However, it appears advocacy has won, and teachers will be given more time to complete the different syllabi. Registrar and Chief Executive Officer at CXC Dr. Wayne Wesley say this will also delay the results to late August into early September. This is far earlier than last year, as students received results in October. 

He also says additional modifications have been made to accommodate the students. 

When asked whether students will be able to revise SBAs that have already been submitted, Dr. Wesley said it would be left up to the local registrar. 

He explained that the decision to delay was made in an effort to give students more time to prepare for the exit examinations. More information in the report below:

Reporter: Velonique Bowen