CVM News has obtained exclusive insights from the parent of a first-form student at the Hydel Group of Schools, shedding light on a distressing incident where her child was severely beaten by a peer in September. The altercation, witnessed by approximately 14 students attempting to assist 12-year-old Josiah Whyte, occurred merely a day or two before the traumatic BB Coke High School incident late in September.

Khadesha Whyte, the first-former’s mother, recounted being summoned to the Hydel Group of Schools in St. Catherine, where she was advised to take her son to the hospital. Providing photographic evidence of Josiah’s injuries to his face and head, Whyte expressed concerns relayed by the doctor regarding the possible repercussions of head trauma.

Despite the gravity of the situation, Whyte refrained from reporting the matter out of consideration for the school’s request, opting not to take drastic action as she was assured that appropriate measures would be taken to address the incident.. Watch the report:

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