In an exclusive interview, we sit down with Phillip Beck, a Jamaican student pursuing his studies in Tel Aviv, Israel. Phillip Beck is on the verge of completing his educational journey, but he remains watchful of the unfolding events in the conflict-ridden region before making his next move.

The recent militant attack on October 7th came as a surprising twist, occurring during a period of escalating tensions between Israelis and Palestinians. Despite understandable concerns from his family, Beck maintains a relatively calm outlook in the face of these developments, as he shared with our reporter.

Phillip Beck, originally a Jamaican dentist, is in the final stretch of his orthodontics residency at the University of Tel Aviv in Israel, with only a year left to go. However, the situation in the region has taken a grim turn, with Israel declaring war on the Gaza Strip in response to an unprecedented attack by the Palestinian armed group, Hamas, on a fateful Saturday. Beck now faces a crucial decision: either to brave the ongoing turmoil or to consider returning to his homeland. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has cost tens of thousands of lives and displaced millions of people, traces its roots back to a colonial act carried out over a century ago. Beck’s past weekend was unlike any other he has ever experienced, as he grapples with a complex and volatile environment.

Reporter:  Renaldo Adams