Cruise Ship Turned Away From Ocho Rios

It was not business as usual in Ocho Rios St Ann today as a cruise ship arriving from Miami was ordered to remain at sea. Port Health officials who inspected the cruise ship discovered a crew member in isolation due to a cough, fever and associated muscle pain.

The cruise line, MSC Meraviglia which carries over 4500 passengers and over 1600 crew members were denied access to the port of call in St Ann after inspection by health officials. They discovered that a crew member was in isolation with Coronavirus symptoms.

The Mayor of St Ann, Michael Belnavis, who is also President of the National Cruise Council, revealed that two onboard had elevated temperatures. He believes the discovery has affected those who do business in the area, but safety is of top priority.

Many, although dependent on cruise ships to make a living, are relieved that health officials acted when they did.

Internationally, there are more than 80, 0000 cases and 2700 deaths as the virus continues to spread. The World Health Organisation appears to be struggling to find a means of controlling the pandemic. The center for disease control has warned Americans to prepare for an outbreak – saying ‘this may be bad’ And global stock markets have plunged for a second day as investors now appear panicked about the Coronavirus threat.