Critics Call for Probe into CAP Controversy

As major conversation grows around the Clarendon Alumina Production, (CAP) controversy, Opposition Spokesman on Energy and Mining, Phillip Paulwell has called for a major investigation into the ongoing developments surrounding the CAP contract with an overseas entity. His calls come ahead of plans to table numerous questions to the Minister in Parliament, Tuesday, November 24. 

Meanwhile, Executive Director for the Jamaica Accountability Meter Portal, (JAMP) Jeanette Calder, endorses the call noting several concerns with the procurement process. She questions whether there was any sign of contract splintering and accountability in the matter.

The Opposition Spokesman suspects significant breaches of the country’s procurement laws and has since called for an independent investigation into the CAP matter. When asked if these suspicions included allegations of contract splintering… 

The Shadow Minister says he would be tabling several questions in relation to the matter in an effort to secure the truth and to know whether the company received value for money. He says he will also enquire about Jamalco a connected company.

Meanwhile, the JAMP Executive Director says there are numerous concerns about the CAP deal which led to Minister Robert Montague dissolving the cap board. She says the conversation must move even further to ensure accountability.

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