Crime Plan Support Needed – PM Calls On the Public

With the National Consensus now signed, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has called for the public to support the crime plan efforts. He says addressing crime and violence is a process that can only be achieved through the national consensus.

The delivery of several key legislative reforms is expected to support the National Consensus in controlling crime and violence across the island. A new Enhanced Security measures act, new JCF act, new Anti Gang (criminal suppression) act, and a new Intelligence Act are some of the measures expected to be delivered between this year and 2022.

“This document is a watershed, a landmark because it brings the people who can make a difference, who can make it happen to the table to publicly commit to a set of priorities to ensure that it does,” said Prime Minister Andrew Holness. “The document also has a framework to oversee the critical implementing players to ensure that what we commit to is what we actually do but more than that, to build public support for the consensus and report on a regular basis.”

He continued: “We agree that no one in Jamaica is above the law. There will be no immunity or impunity for prosecution, for serious crimes and corrupt acts, and corruption shall be a criminal offence. The political parties will repudiate and reject any links to gang or any organisations that are known or suspected to be involved in criminality.”

In regards to the crime plan, Leader of the Opposition Dr. Peter Phillips says the levels of criminal violence represents a fundamental threat to the survival of Jamaica.

“What we need is not just a whole of government effort to confront criminal activity but a whole of society effort,” he added. “Obviously when we have so many unattached youngsters or sometimes very much attached who turn to a life of crime and violence, it means that our socialization institutions are not functioning properly. In turn, it means we have to engage the educational system. We have to engage in community organizations. We have to engage community activists. ”