Selling knick-knacks and keepsakes tourists use to remember their time spent in Jamaica is how some craft vendors make a living. The Ocho Rios Craft Market houses traders who count on the activity within the tourism sector to make a sale.

The arrival of two more cruise ships in the areas did not meet the expectation of some vendors who say more needs to be done to help ‘the small man.’

The calling of the MSC Meraviglia and Carnival Sunrise cruise ships at port in Ocho Rios Tuesday and Wednesday respectively had seen thousands of guests touring in the area. The Ocho Rios Craft Market was open for business for tourists to shop for keepsakes. Unlike the Carnival Sunrise Cruise docking in August that left craft vendors with no patronage.

Tourists were brought to the Craft Market to shop. The vendors in the Craft Market set up early and held fast for a sale even after showers of rain. Still, some were disappointed with the crowd which they say wasn’t large enough to make good sales.

The vendors look forward to authorities crafting better solutions to have larger crowds passing through to support the small business in the market.

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