COVID-19 Prevention Measures to be Revised

Prime Minister Andrew Holness and other Government stakeholder groups, are set to revise the July 1 eased COVID-19 prevention measures today, July 24, as COVID-19 cases are slowly rising.

Meanwhile Physician, Dr. Garth Rattray says the COVID-19 prevention measures should not have been relaxed so soon.

Dr. Rattray noted that the positivity rate should have been less than 5 percent.

He adds that a large proportion of the population is not yet fully vaccinated.

Dr. Rattray says the Ministry should have had what he calls “COVID Marshalls” persons to enforce the protocols in parties and the public.

He suggests that the Health Ministry‘s aims for herd immunity may be challenging to accomplish as persons refuse to be vaccinated.

The country awaits the latest decision by the Government on the way forward, in light of a troubling rise in numbers.

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