Tensions Flare at Westmoreland Municipal Corporation as Removal Attempt of Chairman and Mayor Bertel Moore Fails – Tensions reached a boiling point today at the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation, as an attempt to oust its Chairman and Savanna-la-Mar’s Mayor, Bertel Moore, ended in failure. Speculation had been mounting that such a day would arrive, particularly after three People’s National Party (PNP) councillors had declared themselves as ind+ependents. Their decision came in protest of the PNP’s selection of Ian Hayles as its parliamentary candidate in Westmoreland Western.

Today, however, two of those independent councillors decided to cross the floor, shifting the balance of power in favor of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). Despite this significant gain, the JLP’s efforts to remove Mayor Moore were ultimately unsuccessful, leading to heightened tensions within the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation. Watch the report:

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