Officers from the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) are expressing deep concerns about what they describe as inadequate working conditions. One officer notes the infiltration of rodents in prisons, while another highlights the pressing need for enhanced safety measures. These issues come to light within the South Camp Road Juvenile Correction and Remand Centre.

The scene inside the facility is painted with darkness, not only due to the night but also due to the lack of power. A solitary lantern stands as the sole source of light amid the pervasive darkness, a symbol of the challenging conditions faced by correctional officers. Several officers, fearing repercussions, chose to withhold their identities and distort their voices as they shared their distressing experiences. One officer, in a message to us, described the dire situation: recounting a day when multiple kerosene oil lamps were in use as the primary lighting source due to a power outage. The backup generator, their lifeline, had run out of fuel, leaving both adult and juvenile sections in complete darkness throughout the early night shift, with uncertainty looming over the late-night shift if power wasn’t restored promptly.

Reporter: Renaldo Adams