Controversy Over Toll Authority CEO Post

The Ministry of Transport rejects claims that the Chief Executive Officer of the Toll Authority of Jamaica, Lerone Laing landed his post without basic qualifications. The administration released in a press brief on Monday that Laing was selected fairly and confirmed he is indeed qualified. 


The Ministry of Transport and Mining is rejecting a story published in a newspaper, questioning its decision to appoint Lerone Laing, CEO of the Toll Authority of Jamaica. The article, says Transport Minister Robert Montague’s ex-advisor, has landed the 5-million-dollar job without basic requirements, which on further examination of the article, meant 15 years’ experience.  

In a press release on Monday, the ministry refutes claims that Laing was selected despite “not meeting basic requirements” and highlights that He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and a Master of Science Degree in Economics. It was also said that Laing has three years’ experience at a mid-manager level and that his qualifications along with his experience, made him the candidate of choice. 

The Ministry further explained, Laing was chosen after the advertisement of the position in august 2019 and was among 2 candidates from a list of ten shortlisted; confirming that He is paid the salary attached for the post. 

Although reports show Mr. Laing also served as an advisor to the Minister of Transport and Mining, the ministry insists his appointment to CEO was independent of this previous position. 

The Transport and Mining Ministry has been embroiled in controversy recently, with the dissolving of the cap board which was subsequently placed under the ministry of finance.

Speculations are rife, that a cabinet reshuffle may be imminent amid the 3-day cabinet retreat.

When CVM LIVE reached out to the ministry for a comment, we were told no one would speak on the matter involving lain.