Members of the Constitutional Reform Committee are calling for an educational campaign, as work commences for Jamaica to become a republic. While a referendum is necessary, it is believed Jamaicans currently lack sufficient information about the implications of one and require additional education through campaigns and town halls.

A significant milestone in the process to reform Jamaica’s constitution, fourteen individuals have been named as members of the Constitutional Reform Committee. The Committee’s Headed by the Minister of Legal and Constitutional Affairs Marlene Malahoo Forte. While the timeline for the transition depends on the outcome of the referendum, some committee members cite the need for public awareness on the significance of a referendum that will determine Jamaica’s future political structure. Youth Advisor Sujae Boswell agrees. He says Town Hall Meetings will be important to educate the public about the process 

Meantime, Consultant Counsel Hugh Small says the aim is to remove constitutional power and the British Monarchy as Head of State.

Reporter: Nicola Brown

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