Constant Spring Main Road Sewage Leak, Health Concerns

Overflowing sewage in a section of the corporate area has sparked fresh concerns for public health for some business operators near the broken main.

The putrid odor coming from this cesspool is causing unease among business operators along the Constant Spring Main Road. It was reported to our news team that it has been overflowing since the morning of Tuesday, November 13.

This vendor says that since the sewage came to the surface it has been bad for business and poses a health risk. Another vendor says they have informed the nearby business operators.

As CVM Live was leaving the scene a truck arrived with men who attempted to fix the sewage main. In the meantime, CVM Live contacted the National Water Commission’s, (NWC) Communication Manager who informed that after subsequent checks, the matter was passed on to the relevant department.

Several similar calls have come to the newsroom relating to sewage overflow in many communities across the country. The NWC notes more information on the situation will be forthcoming in short order.

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