Concerns About The Increase In Manchester’s COVID-19 Cases

There are concerns about the increase in COVID-19 cases in sections of Jamaica. The Ministry of Health is paying closer attention to these areas.

Manchester is one of two parishes now under COVID-19 surveillance by the Health Ministry; the other parish is St. Ann.

Medical Officer of Health in Manchester, Dr. Nadine Williams says the increase in cases is a direct result of the lack of COVID-19 safety compliance from citizens.

She says mask wearing and physically distancing are especially ignored throughout the parish.

The government put a 15 persons limit on funerals, but as a few Councilors point out, this guideline is consistently being disregard.

Councilors raised concerns about the number of illegal parties being held throughout the parish, by those they say should know better.

Chairman of the Manchester Municipal Corporation, Donovan Mitchell says there have been reports of police aiding illegal parties.

The parish is also recording imported cases of COVID-19 as travelers disregard 14 day quarantine orders.

There are 50 active cases in the parish, 992 people in home quarantine and 41 in home isolation.