Community Members ‘Spruce Up’ Western St. Mary On Labour Day

The people of Western St Mary engaged in myriad community activities geared at beautifying their communities as part of their Labour Day activities. They demonstrated the spirit of good community life as they worked together to ‘spruce up’ public facilities and spaces in their neighborhoods. Despite the uneasy atmosphere engulfing Jamaica, following Bishop Alvin Bailey’s call to boycott Labour Day activities, residents remain committed to their social responsibility of building Jamaica through voluntarism. Member of Parliament for western St. Mary, Robert Montague, joins residents to install traffic mirrors, paint pedestrians and ‘spruce up’ schools and the local police station.

Beautifying their community and promoting road traffic safety. Montague, says this Labour Day is the best western St. Mary has seen, thanks to corporate sponsorships and individual projects. Watch the report:

Reporter: Natalia Clarke

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