Community Development Committee Urges More Engagement

An executive member of the Trench Town Community Development Committee (CDC) urges the government and stakeholders to do more to engage young people. Her appeal follows a recently concluded youth summit highlighting youth and human rights concerns.

The Community Development Committee in Denham Town and Trench Town collaborated recently to host a youth summit focusing on human rights. This was the final meeting of the three-month initiative, training 30 youth to become human rights advocates in their community.

First vice president of the trench town CDC, Zann Locke says young people should have an active voice to amplify a message they want to relay in a peaceful way. Locke says the government and stakeholders must play a pivotal role to engage the youth.

Meanwhile, she says the CDC will continue to pursue and invest in young people in the area.

youth summit
Community Development Committee’s-Youth Summit 2021