The Joint Select Committee, currently reviewing the 2017 Integrity Commission’s Act, convened on Tuesday to discuss potential amendments to the operational procedures of the anti-corruption body. Some members proposed limiting the time-frame for investigations, but this suggestion faced resistance due to concerns about transparency. Justice Minister Delroy Chuck advocated for a fixed statute of declaration for public officials under investigation by the Integrity Commission. This proposed change aims to restrict the oversight body’s ability to scrutinize activities older than 10 years, citing potential fairness and feasibility issues.

The matter was deliberated during a Joint Select Committee meeting on the Integrity Commission Act. Minister Chuck argued that in-depth investigations could be unfair and impractical. However, this proposal encountered opposition from Peter Bunting, the Opposition Spokesperson on Citizen Security and Productivity, who believes such a move could threaten government transparency. Government Minister Marlene Malahoo Forte questioned the Integrity Commission’s decision to single out parliamentarians under probe for illicit enrichment in its annual report. Despite differing opinions within the committee, Senator Sherine Golding Campbell suggested the need for outlining record-keeping guidelines for public officials. The discussion highlights ongoing debates over potential amendments to enhance the Integrity Commission’s effectiveness while balancing concerns about transparency and fairness.

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