Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson is urging Jamaicans to respond to scamming and scammers in the same way they respond to murders and murderers. 

He says people are usually less likely to provide the police with information on scamming because they don’t deem it a serious crime. After recent arrests of alleged lottery scammers and the seizure of a substantial amount of scamming paraphernalia, the Major General Anderson is calling on the public to take scamming as seriously as they do violent crimes. 

Speaking at a media briefing on Friday, Major General Anderson reiterated scammers are indeed moving to upscale communities, however he said it’s difficult to tackle that migration with the current legislations. He said the police are studying patterns and are working with the relevant organizations to stamp out lottery scamming. 

When asked about the effectiveness of the police’s investigative capabilities General Anderson expressed confidence in the law men’s investigative abilities as he said it’s resulted in numerous criminals being brought to justice.

He said the number of criminals behind bars is a reflection of the force’s investigative capacity and intelligence. He’s confident that through the improved investigative work of the JCF, more criminals will be apprehended and brought to justice.