Commish Promises More Targeted Searches and Curfews

Police Commissioner Antony Anderson notes international partnerships and wins in crime fighting. A walk through the gritty West Kingston Police Division during another flare-up of gang conflict was just the start of the crime-fighting ramp-up. 

The Police Commissioner says targeted searches and continued curfews are scheduled as efforts to wrest communities from gangs. Meanwhile, at least one of several men listed as wanted by the police in Kingston has turned himself in.

It was just Sunday that the Police Commissioner and a team from the high command toured sections of the gang-afflicted west Kingston area, including jungle and Lincoln Crescent. By Tuesday a list of wanted men was published. CVM LIVE understands one of those men, O’Neil Stewart otherwise called Nero blacks, turned himself into the Denham Town at around 8 Wednesday morning.

Commissioner Anderson notes local and international crime producers will be targeted and international help has been sought. And while the police chief would not say much further on the matter, he insists deliberate and detailed searches for illegal guns will become a feature in this crime-torn space. Meantime, he notes other strategies to be used in tackling the continued crime… Watch the report below: