Commanding Officer of the St Andrew South police division, Senior Superintendent Wayne Cameron is urging police officers to remain resolute in carrying out their duties. According to him, this is of high priority as they work to reduce instances of crime and violence.

The increase in crime and violence in sections across the island has triggered more police operations to find, arrest, charge and prosecute criminals. Police officers are now working to keep communities secure amid a system where states of emergency are no longer in effect.

“2020 has really been ungracious to us as an organisation and it seems that the St Andrew South division in particular has really been unkind to us here.”

Senior Superintendent of Police Wayne Cameron reflected on the loss of a police officer in a motor vehicle crash and others who were killed in the line of duty.

“One of our stronger team leader…and when we believe that we could take the time to breathe and put him to rest properly eight days later Constable Francis in a gunfight.”

Cameron was speaking at a candle-light vigil in memory of fallen security members.