Clinical Items Donated to Spanish Town Hospital

Clinical Items Donated – Nurses in the western region have been working hard to treat COVID-19 patients in the past weeks. Seeing the conditions nurses had to work through in the Spanish Town Hospital, UK teacher Sonjay Bell raised money to donate clinical equipment to the hospital. Partner to the effort, Bishop Rowan Edwards, made the donation on Friday.

Fans, masks, a medical bed, a wheelchair, and other clinical items were donated to the Spanish Town Hospital. Funds for the donation, worth over two hundred thousand dollars were raised by UK teacher and Spanish Town native Sonjay Bell.  Bishop Rowan Edwards of the lighthouse worship center collaborated on the project and was present at the hospital to hand over the items.

 The donation was made on Friday where key members of staff were present. CEO of the hospital Jacqueline Ellis shared her appreciation for the donation and its significance in helping the staff.

The hospital has exceeded its bed capacity because of the influx of COVID-19 patients. Despite this daily challenge, Ellis says the staff aims to give the best care possible. Bell Aims is to raise over ten thousand euros to purchase more items for the hospital, including a blood pressure machine.