Clergyman Calls for Security Minister’s Resignation

Following a controversial comment made by the Security Minister, urging the police to ‘shoot to kill’ if engaged in a shootout with gunmen, Clergyman Bishop Dr. Alvin Bailey is calling for the Security Minister’s resignation. The Bishop says the Minister’s values do not align with what Jamaica needs at this time, and as such, he should step down. Irresponsible and unfortunate are the words used by Bishop Dr. Alvin Bailey, in describing Security Minister, Dr. Horace Chang’s recent comment,

Instructing the police that if they are confronted by gunmen, they shouldn’t hesitate, but shoot to kill. The Minister’s comment has received much backlash from human rights groups among others, with the latest being Bishop Dr. Bailey, who insists the comment is a clear indication Dr. Chang should resign. 

Reporter: Velonique Bowen

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