Clean, Reliable Water for St Mary Residents

Residents of the St Mary Western Constituency benefited from a water supply initiative to get clean, reliable running water. Member of Parliament for St Mary Western, Robert Montague, was in the area with other political representatives to officially turn on the community’s water supply.

The group along with the National Water Commission (NWC), toured some communities in his constituency to officially turn on water for residents. When CVM LIVE caught up with Montague in the vicinity, he said residents were having difficulties to get to a spring, that was their only reliable water source.

As such, the Member of Parliament collaborated with the NWC to create a solar-powered pump that will now provide running water to residents, using the spring as the source.  Montague says this initiative was critical for the livelihood of the people, as many residents had no access to running water prior to this move.

The Regional Manager for Northeast NWC, Richard Williams, is reassuring residents that they will have safe and reliable water for consumption. One resident says she is happy their political representative’s promise has finally been delivered. More details in this report:

Reporter: Justin Graham. 

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