Bloodstains and sadness flooded one community in Clarendon this week after 71-year-old shopkeeper Alphanso ‘Doctor’ Wint was fatally shot. The incident that happened outside his shop, has sent shock waves and fear throughout the area.

Mourning a friend and the lack of regard for human life, Councillor for the York Town Division, Uphell Purcell, is left grieving the death of an old friend who was fatally shot at his business place in Decoy Road, Toll Gate, Clarendon, Tuesday night. It is unclear what led to the incident; however, the Councillor tells our news team, Doctor owned and operated his shop for over 30 years. He expresses frustration and condemnation for the criminals, who committed this heinous act. 

Labeling the act as disgraceful, Councillor Purcell says the incident reflects poorly on the community. He is calling on the government to find an alternative approach to fighting crime. Watch the report:

Reporter: Nicola Brown

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