Clansman Trial: Witness Implicates More Gang Members

According to one of the Crown’s main witnesses in the high profile Clansman trial, involving alleged gang leader Andre Bryan and his 32 co-accused, ‘they don’t normally get a reason to carry out a killing’.

The trial is in its 5th day and the prosecution’s witness, who says he was part of the criminal organization has been detailing several murders allegedly carried out by the group. It is understood that one of the defendants is currently out on bail. One of the prosecution’s main witnesses has so far given evidence to five murders allegedly carried out by the Black Man faction of the St. Catherine based Clansman Gang. The murders allegedly took place between 2017 and 2018.

The witness on Friday, September 24, told the court about a murder that happened in the busy commercial hub of Spanish Town. He says the order came from the alleged gang leader Andre ‘Black Man’ Bryan to pick up three men in the community of Top Banks to -in the witness’s words- ‘mash-up a youth at super plus’.

The witness identified those men by their aliases, Lloyd Banks, Satan, and Kartel, the witness then drove the men to Lauriston where they met a man identified as Ray-Tae. Ray-Tae and Kartel were then pointed out in the courtroom by the witness as Andre Golding and Andre Smith respectively. Ray-Tae is allegedly the keeper of stolen vehicles.

The witness says whenever the gang requires a vehicle to commit a crime they would either reach out to Ray-Tae or rent one. For the murder incident at super plus, two vehicles were acquired from Ray-Tae, both for $100,000.

The witness further explained how he and Lloyd Banks scouted out a main road for police presence while Ray-Tae drove a car, trailing behind with Satan and Kartel armed with guns. Satan allegedly shot a man multiple times. Asked by the prosecution the reason for the attack on the man, the witness says ‘they don’t normally get a reason for the killings.’

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