Clansman Gang Leader Ordered Two St. Catherine Murders

More shocking information from the prosecution’s first witness in the Clansman Gang trial, as he alleged he served as Blackman’s driver and banker in the Supreme Court on Thursday, September 23, in the historic trial.

Alleged leader of the Clansman Gang, Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan and his 32 co-accused sat in court as the witness recounted two murders where he served as the driver. The witness accused Bryan of laughing hysterically while his cronies allegedly carried out a hit on a vendor.

In the first account, the witness and ex-Clansman driver shared how the plan to murder a man in Luriston, St. Catherine in 2017 was executed. Under instruction from Bryan, he rented a car using extorted money, for two other gang members, known by the aliases ‘CJ’ and ‘Richie’ to drive in. The witness says he would transport Blackman separately.

The driver was instructed to exit the car to confirm the identity of the target, who was selling phone cards at the time. After confirming with Blackman, the witness drove past the target. Trailing not far behind were the other two gang members who shot the target multiple times. The witness said as the gunshots rang in the distance Blackman only laughed.

The second murder, on Jones Avenue in the parish, was detailed by the witness. This killing, also in 2017 needed the participation of 5 gang members. Mackerel was tasked with looking out for the police.

Stennet and Rooster would carry out the murder using guns. Mawgaman would dispose of the weapons, and the witness drove the gunmen away from the scene in a rental car. The victim in this crime was a male deportee who the witness knew. He too was shot multiple times. The witness says the killing was carried out under the instruction of Blackman.

Three more of the 33 accused were identified by the witness in court on Thursday. The hearing was adjourned by Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, ahead of schedule because the witness said he was not feeling well.

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