Human rights activist, Horace Levy, Attorney At Law Isat Buchanan, and Executive Directors for Jamaicans for Justice and Stand up Jamaica, wrote a letter to the Minister of Justice asking him to reconsider the minimum years an accused can serve behind bars before being eligible for parole. The undersigned say they are placing on the record their strong objection to the proposal, citing that if they are passed will have far-reaching implications for human rights standards and the criminal justice system.

A group of civil society organizations has penned a letter to the Minister of Justice, Delroy Chuck, regarding the Government’s latest proposed mandatory minimum sentencing for criminals. The proposed changes include amendments to the offenses against a Persons Act and Criminal Justice Administration Act. These will see minimum sentences being moved from 15 years to 45, 20 years to 50, and 30 years to 50. 

However, Executive Director for JFJ, Mickel Jackson, says while she understands that the country is at wits end with crime, revision is needed but the recent proposal is problematic citing it undermines judicial discretion.

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Reporter: Kimberly Henry

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