Dozens of employees at CIBC First Caribbean International Bank called in sick on Monday after negotiations aimed at addressing their concerns, including staff shortages, ended without resolution. 

Senator Kavan Gayle of the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union (BITU) emphasized that CIBC is not the sole financial institution grappling with pressing employee concerns, but these workers were among the first to publicly express their dissatisfaction. Several CIBC First Caribbean International Bank employees across the island opted to stay off work, citing illness as the reason. 

This action came after the bank’s management failed to respond favorably to the workers’ deadline set last week, demanding measures to alleviate the stresses caused by the shortage of staff. The repercussions of this industrial action were significant, with the bank informing its customers on Monday that in-branch banking activities would be limited to the Liguanea branch. Additionally, customers were encouraged to utilize online and ATM facilities for their banking needs.

The employees involved in this matter are being represented by the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union, with Senator Kavan Gayle serving as its President-General. Watch the report:

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