Church Leader Demands Apology from Prime Minister

The Government has come in for strong rebuke from some church leaders following plans to retain Sundays as no movement days until late October, one leader is asking for answers.

Vice-president of the Jamaica Evangelical Alliance and Chairman of Jamaica Cause, Bishop Dr. Alvin Bailey, says the Prime Minister owes the church an apology and demands an explanation for what he calls a lack of sensitivity towards the group.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness on Wednesday, September 15, relaxed restrictions and curfew times initially geared towards curbing the rising COVID-19 infections. He ended the no-movement days in the week but retained the measure for Sundays until October 28. Dr. Bailey says this is a slap in the face, he notes that the implementation of the no movement on Sundays is a sign of insensitivity and lack of regard to the Christian community in Jamaica.

The clergyman says not only does the move show lack of consultation on the part of the Government but he says the prime minister has displayed a lack of sensitivity. He says an apology and an explanation are owed to the church community.

Meanwhile, the church leader says churches are willing to partner with the Government to operate as vaccination sites.

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