Chuck Anticipates Jamaica’s Paperless Future 

Minister of Justice Delroy Chuck is anticipating a paperless society for Jamaica, as he expresses the desire to have police stations and courtrooms upgraded to storing their data on computers.

This push for a paperless society will also impact the way Jamaicans do business, as the minister anticipates a limited use of cash and coins soon. A call to lead Jamaica into the age of technology is being echoed by the Minister of Justice Delroy Chuck, who expresses the belief that Jamaica’s relatively slow advance in this regard, is due to Jamaicans’ who fear change.

Nonetheless, minister chuck says the government is pushing for a paperless future. With this, minister chuck says there will be no need for citizens to use cash or coins to conduct business, as he promotes the new digital wallet provider, Jamdex. Though for this to become reality, minister chuck says all Jamaicans will have to get on board, as he urges the bank of Jamaica to provide incentives for citizens to use Jamdex. Watch the report:

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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