NEPA Addresses Pollution Incident at Rio Cobre River

In a swift response to the Christmas Eve fish kill incident at the Rio Cobre River, the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) has successfully contained the situation. Approximately 50 lifeless fish were discovered floating on the river on Christmas morning, prompting an immediate investigation by environmental authorities. Angela Hamilton, spokesperson for the Public Education and Corporate Communication Branch (PECCB) at NEPA, shed light on the incident, revealing that the pollution was traced back to a malfunctioning National Water Commission (NWC) sewage treatment plant located at Charlemont in St. Catherine.

Ms. Hamilton expressed the agency’s commitment to addressing and resolving environmental concerns promptly. “Our team worked diligently to assess and contain the impact of the fish kill incident at the Rio Cobre River. The source of pollution has been identified as a malfunction in the NWC sewage treatment plant at Charlemont,” she stated. NEPA’s immediate action involved collaborating with relevant authorities to rectify the malfunctioning sewage treatment plant and prevent any further environmental damage. The agency deployed specialized teams to assess the extent of the pollution and implement measures to mitigate its effects on the river’s ecosystem.

The incident was first reported when residents and visitors to the Rio Cobre River observed approximately 50 dead fish on Christmas morning, raising concerns about potential environmental hazards. NEPA swiftly conducted on-site investigations to determine the cause of the fish kill, confirming the connection to the malfunctioning NWC sewage treatment plant. While the exact nature and extent of the environmental impact are still being assessed, NEPA assures the public that measures are in place to prevent a recurrence. The agency is closely monitoring water quality in the affected area to ensure the restoration of a healthy aquatic environment. As the situation is brought under control, NEPA encourages members of the public to report any unusual environmental occurrences promptly. The agency remains committed to preserving Jamaica’s natural resources and safeguarding the well-being of its citizens.


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