Myriad achievements and years of hard work saw stakeholders at the Christiana High School in a jubilant and expectant mood at their diamond anniversary. However high on their list of changes is the hope to be free of the decades-old shift system. 60 years of existence, a diamond jubilee for Christiana High School. 

Earlier this month the school celebrated this milestone under the theme “embracing the past, igniting the future,” Principal, Leecent Wallace, highlights the school’s rich academic history, with over one thousand students and more than one hundred educators

The school boasts the mantra “we are good, getting better, and destined for the best” and has a wide variety of resources geared towards fostering rounded individuals. Principal Wallace says the hope is for Christiana High to get some relief from the 49-year shift system the school has endured, among other changes.

Reporter: Kimberly Henry

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