‘Choppa’ And ‘Molly’ Artistes Unbothered by Radio Ban

One music producer says many local artistes doing scamming and molly music appear unbothered by the latest radio ban. The producer says not only is there a market for the music online but adds the intended targets have long given up dependence on radio disc jocks for play.

Many local content creators exaggerated the potential effects of the ban, some even trivializing the impact on the music industry. 

However, a producer from a popular corporate area studio explains while the move will be effective over time, it will not deter the artistes who relied heavily on social media platforms for play. Young says some of the artistes he produces have long given up on the need for radio play highlighting some deejays only played music for which they could accept payola.

So, what would be more effective? He explains some countries like China have gone further than just a radio ban but notes it’s highly unlikely Jamaica will go that route. He’s urging parents to take a more vigilant approach in the push for change.

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