Children’s advocate, Diahann Gordon Harrison says calls for the sex offenders’ registry to be made public must be weighed within the context of the Jamaican society. She says not only is there a culture of violence towards persons with sexual charges but she says the current registry is open to select groups but remains under-utilized.

She is insisting if the conversation is to be had about public access to the registry, all sides must be considered.

The children’s advocate says currently the sex offenders’ registry is available to several entities and individuals for use but many fail to. It is partly why she says the discussion must not be emotionally charged but practical, as general access to the public could endanger the lives of offenders who have been reformed. At which time she says the registrar will provide the related information.

Meantime, President of the PNP Women’s Movement, Patricia Duncan Sutherland, says the group is supportive of the push for making the registry public but with certain conditions.

She says more distinctions should be considered, such as the age of the perpetrator before this could be done. She, however, says the discussion is timely and will aid the recently amended Sexual Harassment Bill.

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