Charlemont High School Mourns Passing of Teacher

The education sector has been plunged into mourning, as another of the nation’s educators is dead. Her passing marks the ninth teacher who has died recently. There was an outpouring of grief, at the Charlemont High School Community, following the tragic loss of their Vice Principal, Jennifer Gidden, who was an educator at the institution for over 30 years.

The 62-year-old cancer survivor died while being taken to the Linstead Public Hospital on Wednesday morning. While the circumstances surrounding her death remain unclear, CVM LIVE can confirm that she was on sick leave since October 2021.

In her absence, acting Vice-Principal Rosalee Desouza, says she has been carrying out the functions of the office, in hopes that Miss Gidden would have returned. 

A senior member of staff Mark Weir said Miss Gidden impacted the lives of everyone who knew her and worked tirelessly to improve the school’s ranking. He said Miss Gidden groomed him and can be credited for the teacher he is today.

Gidden started teaching at the school in 1988 when she was nearly 30 years old. Her death follows at least 5 other teachers who died over the past week. Watch the report below:

Reporter: Jhaniele Powell

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