Chambers Pen to See New Developments

As part of the Local Government’s Rural Development initiative, work will commence as early as next week in one Hanover community. The announcement was made by Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Desmond McKenzie, while speaking at the event launch in the parish. The community of chambers pen in Hanover will as of next week be seeing upgrades in their electricity systems, as part of the local government ministry’s rural development project.

Minister Desmond McKenzie was addressing residents and members of the municipality on Wednesday. Work on the school will also commence in the summer ahead of the new school term in September. The Minister highlighted there will also be provision of water, a partnership with the National Water Commission. Minister McKenzie says this work executed by the ministry is not to garner favor form residents in the event of an election,

But rather keeping the government’s mandate to improve the lives of all Jamaicans. He noted there’ll also be the erection of JPS poles providing proper lighting for the community. This, while adding work will begin for the renovation of the community center.