Residents Fear Being Cut Off from Mainland as Dilapidated Structure Nears Collapse

In a distressing echo of the recent WoodsVille Bridge collapse in East Hanover, the historic Negro River Bridge in Moore Town, Portland, is teetering on the brink of disaster, posing a severe threat to the communities it connects. Dating back a hundred years, this vital link has long served as a lifeline for the residents but now faces an imminent collapse, prompting urgent calls from the community for swift intervention. The closure of the Woodsville Bridge in April sent shockwaves through neighboring communities, forcing residents to grapple with longer and more expensive travel routes. Today, residents along the Negro River Bridge fear an even more dire outcome – the potential isolation of entire families if the aged structure succumbs to its wear and tear.

Andrea Scott, a longstanding resident of Maroon Town, expressed deep concern for her community and the safety of children who regularly use the bridge to access schools in the surrounding areas. The gravity of the situation intensified last Friday when torrential rains further compromised the bridge’s already frail foundation, raising alarms among stakeholders, including Colin Bell, MP Caretaker for East Portland. Bell is urgently advocating for a comprehensive safety evaluation of the bridge and has conveyed his anxieties to the relevant authorities. The Maroon Town community has issued an impassioned plea to authorities for immediate action to avert a potential catastrophe.

CVM News reached out to Stephen Shaw, the Communications Director at the National Works Agency (NWA), for insights into the situation. Shaw acknowledged the severity of the issue and committed to providing an update on the matter by Tuesday. This commitment comes as a ray of hope for the distressed residents who are anxiously awaiting news on the fate of their critical infrastructure. The precarious state of the Negro River Bridge underscores the broader challenges faced by aging infrastructure nationwide. As authorities grapple with the urgency of repairs, the potential fallout looms large, threatening to sever vital connections between communities and the mainland. The story continues to unfold, and the nation watches with bated breath for updates on the fate of the historic bridge that has weathered a century of service.

Reporter: Ramon Gordon 
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