Central Kingston Residents Welcome ZOSO

Several residents in Parade Gardens, Central Kingston are welcoming the long demanded Zones of Special Operations (ZOSOs) in their crime-torn area. 

When our news team visited the community Monday, residents who spoke off-camera demanded that the special crime-fighting measure be extended for another two months after the first 60 days. Crimefighters at the ready, deck their once lonely streets which were previously overrun by gangsters. The streets bore the tale of bloodletting and crime.

Thanks to the imposition of the Zone of Special Operations Sunday, more residents are already feeling the winds of change, seeing a glimmer of hope. Armed security personnel outlines the major corners of the Parade Gardens community located in the gritty Central Kingston area. 

Residents one by one expressed hopes for the special measure aimed at curtailing crime and violence. Watch the full report for details:

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