The ever-evolving skyline of Kingston, Jamaica, has been a testament to progress and growth, with new residential and commercial properties shaping the face of the capital city. While many celebrate the economic potential of these developments, a shadow looms over the residents of Smith and James Lane in Central Kingston, as they face the prospect of eviction and demolition. In the aftermath of a devastating fire in August 2022 that ravaged parts of the community, the resilience of Central Kingston is being tested once again. Residents who have called this area home for years are now grappling with a new threat – a mysterious notice from an undisclosed developer, hinting at eviction and impending demolition. The specter of disaster looms large once more for the residents of Central Kingston. Among those affected is 72-year-old Catherine Dunn, who was displaced by the fire last year. Living just a few meters from her previous residence, Catherine now fears losing yet another home. Despite her age, she dutifully cares for an ailing relative in their one-bedroom dwelling. Unable to work, they rely on the support of other community members, like Sherine Broomfield.

Sherine, a mother of two, shares the fear of losing her property, but her emotions are tinged with fury. Residents, including Sherine, have produced legal documents substantiating their rightful claims to the area. However, a mysterious party, claiming trespassing, has issued advisories to them. This alarming development raises questions about the legitimacy of the threat and the identity of the unnamed developer. Ronald Thwaites, a former Member of Parliament in the community for almost two decades, acknowledges that while some residents have legal claims to their property, others may not. Despite this, he contends that the issue should be resolved through alternative means, emphasizing a need for a fair and just resolution for all parties involved.

As of now, CVM News cannot confirm the identity of the mysterious developer, but speculation is growing that this move may be connected to a pending high-profile development in the area. The unfolding situation is causing distress and uncertainty among the residents of Central Kingston, who find themselves caught in the crossfire between their legal claims and the looming threat of eviction and demolition.

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Reporter: Ramon Gordon

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