In a statement submitted to the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) on Thursday, Cedella Marley has officially resigned from her role as the Global Ambassador for the Jamaica Women’s Football Programme. The resignation is effective immediately. Marley points to the widening gap between the JFF and the Reggae Girlz as the primary reason, asserting that the current federation seems unresponsive to her support.

Marley, however, remains committed to advancing Jamaican women’s football through the “Football is Freedom” initiative, led by the Bob and Rita Marley Foundation. Her association with the women’s football program began a decade ago when her son introduced her to a flyer about the Under-20 Reggae Girlz. This led to her collaboration with then JFF President, Captain Horace Burrell, who invited her to serve as the Global Ambassador for the national women’s program. Simultaneously, the Bob and Rita Marley Foundation declared the discontinuation of financial support to the JFF and the national women’s program.

Presidential candidate for the Jamaica Football Federation, Raymond Anderson, released a statement in response to Cedella Marley’s resignation. Anderson condemns the treatment Marley received, highlighting a lack of communication, unfulfilled promises, and disregard for Marley and the team, deeming it inexcusable. He asserts that Marley’s resignation casts a shadow of mistrust over the current JFF administration, accusing them of undoing the progress achieved by Marley and her team over the years.


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